Woo Off, Snyder On for ‘Rainbox Six’

Variety is reporting that Dawn of the Dead remake helmer Zack Snyder has been tapped by Paramount Pictures to write and direct their adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel Rainbow Six.

The story centers on CIA agent John Clark joining with several colleagues to leave the CIA and create an England-based multinational org designed to battle terrorism.

Personally this is my favorits Clancy novel of them all and nothing pleases me mroe than to see the bomb-happy John Woo off the project as he was originally attacehd as the director.

For Paramount Pictures this isn’t the only Clancy novel in teh works as the studio also owns the film rights to Clancy’s “Red Rabbit,” “Without Remorse,” based on the John Clark character, and acquired film rights last year to Clancy’s videogame “Splinter Cell,” with Peter Berg attached to direct.


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