P. Diddy Dropping Bond Rumors?


This was just too good to pass up, and now that I have finally finished laughing my ass off I can type up the article.

A scooper sent in word to the boys over at LatinoReview that wannabe actor/rapper P. Diddy told the audience at last night’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien that he wants to be the first black James Bond.

Now that isn’t the funny part, although it is a bit funny because if we were going to have a black James Bond give me Don Cheadle that man would pimp the role or even Delroy Lindo would be cool. Hell, I would settle for Gary Coleman before I would want to see Diddy in the tux.

The funny part really comes when Conan asks Diddy, “James Bond is English. Would you do it with an accent?”

To which he replies, “No, no, no. We gon’ remix the whole situation. We gon’ change the name.”

What?!?!?! Seems to me like imbibing in alcohol before stepping on the Conan stage has become a prerequisite… James Bond, the Bad Boy remix version?

To see what else Diddy had to say click here for the rest of the blurb, in which he also reveals the name of the Diddy Bond and where he grew up.

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