Affleck as Superman?!


Nope, don’t go thinking that Ben Affleck has so much clout that he was able to convince Bryan Singer to dump no name Brandon Routh from the Superman project, however the box-office bust starring actor has acquired the role of the original Superman as he is set to play George Reeves opposite Diane Lane in the Focus Features production Truth, Justice and the American Way.

The film will cover the story of a Los Angeles gumshoe trying to solve Reeves’ mysterious death all while delving into Reeves’ complex relationship with the iconic role that propelled him to stardom. Reeves met a tragic, mysterious end in 1959 after years portraying TV’s Superman.

Just to keep the names rolling Adrien Brody will be playing the detective as Lane will play Toni Mannix, the Hollywood wife of a studio exec who may have been linked romantically to Reeves.

The film starts shooting this summer, with Allen Coulter in the directorial chair.

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