Pricing Announced for Sony PSP UMD Videos


In a press release yesterday Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced that the recently Academy Award-nominated film House of Flying Daggers is going to be released in North America on the Universal Media Disc (UMD) format for the Sony PSP handheld videogame system.

On top of this news it was also announced that UMDs are going to be released to the public with a suggested retail price of $28.95.

Additional UMD titles are scheduled to be released monthly thereafter. These UMD releases will include a mix of day and date titles priced similarly to their respective DVDs and catalogue titles priced at $19.95 (SLP). Some titles already announced are XXX, Hellboy, Resident Evil 2 and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, which will all debut on April 19 and will be priced at $19.95 (SLP).

The announcement was made by Marshall Forster, Executive Vice President for SPHE North America, in which he said, “The release of these hit action films for the PlayStation Portable marks an important chapter in the personal entertainment industry for our consumers and a new, incremental business for our business partners. SPHE is delighted to be part of the introduction of this remarkable entertainment technology to the home entertainment market.”

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