Is ‘Doom’ Doomed?


I must admit, I was a little skeptical on the idea of the “Doom” video game coming to life on the big screen in the first place, but now it seems that the only thing the film is going to have in common with the game is the name.

Gareth over at just wrote in with some news he got from the folks over at PC Gamer, with movies coming out of every nook and cranny it seems a scoop can come from just about any place. Anyway, he offered up some tidbits on the storyline and what we can expect, check it out below:

With the video game-to-movie, Doom, well underway, recent facts have come to light causing an uproar in the gaming community. Word from the Prague set is that the film will not be set on Mars with the dedicated Marine Character (Karl Urban) facing demonic hordes, but virus driven zombies. This can be underscored by a recently leaked photo of a helicopter from the films set, which leads me to believe this movie will be taking place on Earth.

Further signs of trouble are that The Rock, will only be featured in an extended cameo as Sarge.

ID Software, the creators of the “Doom” series, is reportedly mum in regards to their take on the movie. Reports have claimed that ID had numerous meetings with Universal as late as December which was well into the films production.

The final bit of news is that according to reports from Dark Horizons, during the final climax of the film a few minutes will be shown from the game’s first person perspective. Look for Doom in 2005.

Gareth tells me that a portion of this news will be also featured in the March issue of PC Gamer.

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