Alan Cumming Offers ‘X3’ News


SuperHeroHype! scored big with a bit of news from Son of the Mask star Alan Cumming, better known lately as Nightcrawler from X2. The status of the third film has been a little in the air since Bryan Singer left the project for Superman over at WB, but Cumming has some news to get us all excited again as he told and

“I signed for two films, so I’m going to. The last I heard is that we’re starting on the 20th of June, but they don’t have a script or a director yet so that may be pushed a little bit. But they have to release it in May of 2006 for some reason so it’s gonna be shot in the summer,” Cumming said.

“And it’s one of these things, I kind of just want to know I’m going to do it cause it affects your whole life. You can do other things cause you know that it’s a large amount of time; I’m going to a show on Broadway which I moved to January of next year just to make sure I finished X-Men…Every film you do you have to tell them just in case they’re going to get it together really fast. You’re under some options; it’s quite weird.”

As far as Cumming’s opinion on Singer leaving the project he told the sites, “No. I’m not disappointed; I cannot deny that. I think he’s really talented and I’m very proud of the film and I think it’s a great film. I didn’t enjoy working with him on the film.”

Well, can’t be anymore blunt than that, stay tuned for more X3 news as it comes about.

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