More ‘Rings’ DVDs to Weaken Your Wallet?

Just as you thought 12 discs worth of extended Lord of the Rings footage was enough Peter Jackson lets loose to USA Today that we have most likely not heard the last of the popular film trilogy.

Apparently the director has some ideas on how to make an ultimate DVD collection of the extended versions of the Oscar-winning trilogy, not likely to arrive in stores for another two or three years.

Jackson tells USA Today, “We really don’t have a definitive plan… I don’t want to add more footage, there’s as much in there as we want. Eventually you are just going to go backward and weaken the films.”

The article goes on to say that he would prefer to simply show the unused deleted scenes and explain why they were cut along with feature-length documentaries and a batch of bloopers, previously shown only during private farewell tributes for major cast members as they took their leave of Middle-earth.

So you fanatics start saving because there is almost no doubt this will be coming, just a question of when.


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