I Am Legend Prequel Moving Forward


Variety is confirming what Francis Lawrence told ShockTillYouDop.com at Comic-Con International two months ago, that Warner Bros. is starting to get the ball rolling on a prequel to the 2007 Will Smith blockbuster I Am Legend, which grossed $584 million internationally.

As Lawrence already told us, he’ll be returning to direct, and Variety reports that Will Smith will return as Dr. Robert Neville, as well as co-produce with his Overbrook Entertainment partner James Lassiter and the original movie’s producer Akiva Goldsman. The screenplay is written by D.B. Weiss based on a detailed outline that was created by the combined forces of Smith, Goldsman, Lassiter and Lawrence, which will cover the final days of humanity in New York City before a man-made virus creates a plague that wipes out the population, leaving Neville alone with the mutated inhabitants.

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