Jay Roach to Helm Insane CIA Killer Action Comedy Mad Dogs


Mad Dogs

Jay Roach, the director best known for comedies like Meet the Parents and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, has signed on to direct Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming big screen adaptation of James Grady’s Mad Dogs. Grady, best known for his 1974 novel Six Days of the Condor (famously adapted in 1975 by Sydney Pollack as Three Days of the Condor), published Mad Dogs in 2006. It is described on the author’s official site as follows:

The CIA’s secret insane asylum. Five of America’s shattered spies. Crazy. Framed for the murder of their psychiatrist… What would you do?

Our stars are four men and one woman. Once America’s best warriors, “the pick of the litter,” now they’re “mad dogs” – set up, on the run, off their meds, hunting a traitor burrowed into the CIA.

Spy wars fought from Iraq to al Qaeda, Nigeria to New York, Bosnia to Vietnam to 21st Century wartime Washington. With tradecraft like the James Dean gambit, knife-quick alley ballets, bombs and black bag jobs, our five heroes reveal worlds within the world we call reality. Crazy killers, yes, but they are also like us: struggling to find sanity, safety and love in history gone mad.

And maybe, just maybe, if they can beat both the good guys and the bad guys, they’ll create their own redemption.

Screenwriter Wes Jones, whose spec script College Republicans went straight to the top of the 2010 Black List, is handling the adaptation, which is said to be aiming for a blend of comedy and action. Dan Lin (The LEGO Movie) set to produce with Jesse Ehrman and Nik Mavinkurve overseeing for the studio.

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