Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo to Take on Leatherface


file_170959_0_leatherfaceLeatherface, the next installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre legacy, has reportedly found its directors. Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (InsideLivid) were on a “short list” of directors being considered just a few weeks back, but now Bloody-Disgusting can confirm that they indeed landed the job.

Seth M. Sherwood penned the script.

ShockTillYouDrop.com previously reported some story details. According to the site, the story will begin with the Leatherface character in his teenage years. He resides in a mental institution until he joins a pack of fellow patients who all break out and go on the run from the authorities.

In Maury and Bustillo’s hands, this could be interesting. It’ll delivery visually, but will the story go super dark akin to their most recent work Among the Living, which, also concerns a group of teenage boys meddling with trouble?

Millennium Entertainment sounds like its moving fast on Leatherface, so we may see the entry land sometime later next year.

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