10 Moments We Want to See in Captain America: Civil War – Tony Stark’s Confession

TONY STARK’S CONFESSION If Captain America dies at the end of Captain America: Civil War, then there’s only one satisfying way to end the film: the confession of Tony Stark. When Marvel published Civil War, it actually turned fans against Iron Man for several years. Marvel Studios is running a similar risk by making Tony Stark the primary antagonist for Captain America: Civil War. When faced with the body of one of his best friends, Stark grieves for Captain America and admits that winning the Civil War wasn’t worth the price that he paid. It’s a great humanizing moment for Tony Stark and it underscored the power of Cap’s demise. Do you think that Downey Jr. wouldn’t love to perform a scene like this? His Tony Stark is so full of swagger that it would be refreshing to see him portray Stark in such an emotionally vulnerable way. It has to be said that this would be a really downbeat ending for Captain America: Civil War. But keep in mind, this is only the beginning of a story that is going to run through Marvel’s Phase Three films. Whatever happens here, Captain America and Iron Man will eventually be back on the same side when Thanos comes to Earth in Avengers: Infinity War. RETURN TO THE FIRST PAGE >>


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