John Wick Director to Helm Black Samurai Movie for Netflix
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John Wick Director to Helm Black Samurai Movie for Netflix

John Wick director Chad Stahelski is teaming up with writer/producer Leigh Dana Jackson to adapt Marc Olden’s Black Samurai novels for Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Stahelski will direct the project, with Jackson — who is the co-executive producer on the Netflix drama series Raising Dion — writing the adaptations. The project will also be produced by Stahelski, along with Jason Spitz and Alex Young of his banner 87Eleven Entertainment.

Details on the upcoming project are currently unknown, but it will be based on the Black Samurai novels, originally written by Marc Olden in the 1970s. The series as a whole span eight novels, and center on Robert Sand, an American soldier in Japan who learns martial arts and other crafts to become the Black Samurai. The first book served as his introduction, while the others saw him tackle international mysteries while also taking down corrupt people everywhere.

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For Stahelski, this will be his next big project following the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4. Stahelski is also set to direct the assassin movie Shibumi for Warner Bros. as well, although there is no clear release date on that film. Leigh Dana Jackson currently serves as a writer and executive producer on the Apple TV+ series Foundation, and is also working on adapting the Michael Moorcock series The Eternal Champion for Apple as well.


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