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El Muerto: Sony Sets Director for Bad Bunny Marvel Movie

After landing Grammy-winning Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny in the upcoming Sony comic book film El Muerto, Sony has found a director, as The Wrap is reporting that Jonás Cuarón is set to direct the feature.

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Cuarón has reportedly joined the project that will be headlined by Benito A Martínez Ocasio, also known as Bad Bunny. Cuarón’s directed films may not be known by an American audience, but he is a highly directed filmmaker, with writing credits on the highly acclaimed 2013 film Gravity alongside his directorial efforts.

Alongside the addition of Cuarón, The Wrap is also reporting that Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Blue Beetle) has also joined the project to write the script for the film, which is said to be in early development as of now.

In the comics, Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez is a superpowered wrestler who goes by the name of El Muerto. He inherits his powers from his father, who sacrificed his life in order save Juan Carlos from their family’s long-time nemesis El Dorado. In a charity wrestling match, Juan Carlos’ El Muerto nearly unmasks Spider-Man, who in turn stung him with a paralyzing poison. After failing to defeat Spider-Man, El Dorado returns to finish El Muerto’s life. However, Spider-Man swoops in and saves him in time.

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Bad Bunny is no stranger to wrestling as he won the WWE 24/7 championship and competed in several events including WrestleMania 37 and two Royal Rumble appearances. He also appeared as a recurring character in last year’s Narcos: Mexico. His next acting project will be Sony’s star-studded action thriller Bullet Train.


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