Margot Robbie Recounts Police Shutting Down Amsterdam Production

Margot Robbie is set to star in the upcoming David O. Russell film Amsterdam, and ahead of the film’s October 7 premiere, she spoke about what it’s like working with such a dedicated director.

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During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Robbie discussed getting to work with not only Russell but co-star Christian Bale, both of whom Robbie said were extremely dedicated and would’ve filmed forever if they could.

“Oh my gosh,” Robbie said. “Every day is like…no day is the same…he doesn’t want to stop, he could go forever, and same goes for [Christian Bale], who’s a lead in this film…and is also a very, very incredible actor. And they’re both so, so dedicated to this film and their craft, that we never actually…he never called cut on this film. So technically, we never stopped.”

Robbie went on to recount how on the final day of production, the cast and crew stayed on set for the film so long that they stayed beyond their permitted time, joking that the police eventually had to stop them from filming further.

“It was the last day of shooting and Christian was saying his dialogue and David‘s there and he’s directing… but the permit was up,” Robbie said. “We were in Pasadena and the time was up and we were meant to clear out. But we wouldn’t. The producers are freaking out and David‘s still going, Christian‘s still acting. And eventually, the Pasadena Police were in the set with us being like, ‘You have to stop.’

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