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Douglas Booth Reveals Which Historical Figure He Wants to Play

During an interview with ComingSoonThat Dirty Black Bag star Douglas Booth revealed which real-life person he’d like to portray in a film.

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When asked about what other historical figures he’d like to portray, Booth mentioned Rudolf Nureyev, the famed Soviet-born ballet dancer:

“I remember one of my first auditions when I was a kid. I remember having to dance with the National Ballet in England,” Booth said. “I’m not a very good dancer to play Rudolf Nureyev, and it was for a small BBC film. I would love to make a movie to tell that story, him and Margot Fonteyn. I think that would be very interesting and something I could physically … a role I could play.”

Booth went on to talk about why he enjoys playing real people now and then.

“I love playing real people. I love being a bit of a comedian. I love trying to transform into them.,” Booth elaborated. “I haven’t got anyone specific right now, apart from Nureyev maybe, but I need some ballet lessons. That’s something I’d like to keep doing in my career. I really enjoy playing these real-life characters, something about it just feels like I’m transporting into another time and it’s hugely, hugely fulfilling, and a great honor to play these great iconic characters.”

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In the future, Douglas Booth will also appear in The Way of the WindUnwelcomeThe Last PlanetFabio D’Andrea: Bonnie and ClydePromised Land, and Gore.


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