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MGM Enlists Laura Kosann to Write Supernatural Fantasy Pic Mercy Sparx

It has been more than a year since MGM nabbed the screen rights to Devil’s Due Publishing’s Mercy Sparx comics, and it looks like the film adaptation is finally making some progress with its pre-production. Deadline brings word that screenwriter Laura Kosann has been tapped to write the upcoming supernatural fantasy pic Mercy Sparx, which will center around a female demon who’s hunting down rogue angels on Earth.

The project marks Kosann’s first feature project for a major studio. Her debut feature film titled The Social Ones, which she directed and wrote, won her the Audience Award for Best Comedy at Cinequest. Her screenplays The Ideal Woman and From Little Acorns Grow were recently a part of the annual 2021 Black List.

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Created by writer Josh Blaylock, Mercy Sparx is a female demon sent from Hell to Earth on a mission, which she must complete while hiding among humans. On earth, Mercy has an existential crisis and begins to see the gray area between good and evil. It forces her to choose her place within it and compromises her mission.

“Meet Mercy Sparx – a devil girl living on Earth in both human and devil form,” says the comic description. “Did we mention she’s working undercover for Heaven? She hunts down angels that have gone rogue whenever she’s called into work. But, in the meantime, Mercy’s just drinking whiskey and chain-smoking until she’s assigned to take down an angel that has fallen.”

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The project is a co-production between The Picture Company and Assemble Media with Jack Heller, Alex Heineman, and Andrew Rona set as producers.  It will be executive produced by Blaylock and Scott Veltri of Assemble.


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