WarnerMedia and Discovery Announce New Name for Combined Company


Late last month, Discovery and WarnerMedia announced that the companies were merging together, and now that things are official, a new name has been unveiled for the company: Warner Bros. Discovery. 

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In an announcement earlier Tuesday, the company said that the new name will aim to honor, celebrate, and elevate the world’s most-storied creative studio in the world with the high-quality, global storytelling heritage of Discovery. President and CEO of Discovery and the soon-to-be future CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav said the company will aim to be one of the most exciting places in the world for storytellers. 

“Warner Bros. Discovery will aspire to be the most innovative, exciting and fun place to tell stories in the world – that is what the company will be about,” Zaslav said in a statement. “We love the new company’s name because it represents the combination of Warner Bros.’ fabled hundred year legacy of creative, authentic storytelling and taking bold risks to bring the most amazing stories to life, with Discovery’s global brand that has always stood brightly for integrity, innovation and inspiration.”

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The merger between companies is expected to be complete at some point in mid-2022, with regulatory hurdles still yet to be finished. In the meantime, the companies will begin to prepare to become an even bigger player in streaming, with the hopes to be to compete with the likes of Netflix and Disney+ at some point.