The Guest Writer Simon Barrett Discusses Potential for a Sequel


The Guest

Since the release of the Adam Wingard-directed film The Guest made its debut in 2014, it has garnered quite the cult following. Surely, the critically acclaimed film would get a sequel, right? While it’s been nearly seven years since it released with no sequel in sight, it seems a follow-up may still be in the cards.

In a recent interview, The Hollywood Reporter asked writer Simon Barrett how another The Guest movie is not in the works. Initially, he mentions how “everyone” feels like a sequel to The Guest would be a great investment for “some financer,” but in the end, it would only disappoint fans.

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“Well, it’s very funny how everyone feels very strongly that a Guest sequel would be a viable financial model for some financier. If that financier emerges, we’d definitely be willing to talk to them, but I have to admit that we’d probably just try to get them to give us their money for something else,” says Barrett. “At this point, I think a Guest sequel could only disappoint. To a certain point, you have an obligation to respect the fandom that a film like The Guest has, which is this unique cult fandom.”

Barrett continues, mentioning how gratifying the film was for both himself and Wingard. While it was very close to the vision they had from the start, The Guest was not a box office success. In fact, the film was budgeted at $5 million but only grossed $2.7 million worldwide. However, thanks to streaming services, it garnered its cult following. It was also praised by critics.

Despite that praise and now its cult following, Barrett says at this point, there are probably other people who have a better idea for The Guest 2. Due to this, they are trying to find a different way to bring The Guest 2 to life.

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“So we are trying to come up with a way to deliver The Guest 2 that doesn’t disappoint people,” says Barrett. “It wouldn’t be a feature film, a comic book, or anything like that. It would be something different. So we’re trying to work on something different right now.”

Barrett has collaborated with Adam Wingard on several films, including A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S, and You’re Next. He will be making his directorial debut with the horror film Seance.