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The Venture Bros. Movie Among Trio of Adult Swim Films Announced

Following an unfortunate cancellation last year, The Venture Bros. will return in a straight-to-DVD/HBO Max feature film. It is one of three beloved Adult Swim franchises getting a continuation alongside Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Metalocalypse.

Announced at Deadline today, all three cartoons will see new movies debut on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital platforms for 90 days before arriving on Adult Swim’s streaming home, HBO Max. WarnerMedia has expanded its original animated output on DVD over the years from a series of DC superhero films and Lego tie-ins to new adaptions of Mortal KombatScooby-Doo!, and Tom and Jerry.

These films are only preceded by two theatrical projects from Adult Swim, 2007’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, and 2019’s On Cinema tie-in Mister America. The network has also continued series via half-hour specials in the past, including Metalocalypse‘s The Doomstar Requiem and Moral Orel‘s Before Orel.

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Speaking with Deadline, Adult Swim president Michael Ouweleen sees this new continuation method as a grand opportunity. “Leveraging the power of WarnerMedia allows us to deliver original content to our amazingly dedicated and not-shy fans, while also giving our talented series creators an opportunity to tell stories in new and interesting ways.”

The Venture Bros. film will pick up sometime after Season 7. According to the official synopsis: “Doc’s latest invention will either bankrupt the Ventures or launch them to new heights, as Hank searches for himself, Dean searches for Hank, The Monarch searches for answers, and a mysterious woman from their pasts threatens to bring their entire world crashing down on them.”

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The Metalocalypse movie will pick up where The Doomstar Requiem left off, with death metal band Dethklok attempting to save the world by writing the perfect song. Meanwhile, the Aqua Teen film does not yet have a plot summary of any kind, but most of the show and the previous film didn’t have much of one either.


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