The Venture Bros. Cancelled at Adult Swim After 17-Year Run

Series creator Christopher McCulloch a.k.a Jackson Publick took to Twitter to announce that Adult Swim have officially decided not to renew their long-running adult-animated series The Venture Bros. for an eighth season. This cancellation comes two years since the seventh season concluded its 10-episode run in October 2018. According to Variety, discussions about the series’ potential move to HBO Max is currently being explored. However, the outlet’s sources noted that it is still far from becoming a reality. In addition to McCulloch’s statement, voice cast member James Urbaniak has also commented on the surprise cancellation as he expressed his gratefulness to the fans’ support.

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The Venture Bros. followed the adventures of the Venture family consisting of incompetent teen brothers Dean and Hank along with their emotionally insecure super-scientist father Dr. Thaddeus Venture and body Brock Samson. Joining them are supervillains such as The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Sergeant Hatred and Phantom Limb.

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The voice cast was led by Christopher McCulloch, Micheal Sinterniklaas, James Urbaniak, Patrick Warburton, Doc Hammer, Steven Rattazzi, and Dana Snyder. The series have lasted for seven seasons from 2004-2018. It was created by Jackson Publick, who also served as a co-writer along with Doc Hammer.


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