IFC Midnight Acquires Neil Blomkamp's Horror Pic Demonic

IFC Midnight Acquires Neill Blomkamp’s Horror Pic Demonic

On the heels of the South African filmmaker revealing that he had begun development on a follow-up to his 2009 hit sci-fi pic District 9, IFC Midnight has announced that it has acquired the rights to Neill Blomkamp’s forthcoming supernatural horror film Demonic.

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The film, written and directed by Blomkamp, centers on a young woman who unleashes terrifying demons when the supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed. The project marks Blomkamp’s first foray into the horror genre, with his long-in-development fifth mainline installment of the Alien franchise languishing in development limbo as 20th Century and Disney continue to determine a path forward for the sci-fi series.

“Neil Blomkamp exploded onto the filmmaking scene with District 9 and has made his mark by creating films that challenge and subvert the genre,” Arianna Bocco, President of IFC Films, said in a statement. “It’s exciting to work together on this highly anticipated new vision, and be immersed in yet another world terrifyingly similar to our own.”

The cast for the film is comprised of up-and-comers including Carly Pope (Elysium), Chris William Martin (The Age of Adaline, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, The Vampire Diaries) and Michael Rogers (Siren, The Blacklist).

“IFC Midnight is an ideal brand for Neill’s first foray into supernatural terror to be released theatrically and in other media and we’re very confident in the job that Arianna and her team are going to do,” AGC Studios Chairman and CEO Stuart Ford said in a statement.

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Demonic is produced by Neill and Mike Blomkamp via their STABILITi Studios, AGC’s Ford and Linda McDonough with AGC’s Miguel Palos Jr., Alastair Burlingham, Charlie Dombek, Viktor Muller and Steven St. Arnaud executive producing. IFC Midnight has slated the film for an August 20.

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