Director Josh Boone Eyes Stephen King’s The Stand

Following the departure of briefly-attached helmer Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) last fall, TheWrap is reporting that The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone is in talks to take on Warner Bros.’ big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Previously adapted as a television miniseries in 1994, “The Stand” tells the story of a full-scale apocalypse, driven by the accidental release of a biological weapon and the ensuing struggle of good versus evil carried out by the world’s final survivors.

Although previous plans called for a multi-film adaptation of the property, the outlet’s source claims that the plan is now to adapt the book as a single film that will not shy away from an R rating.

Boone is said to be a longtime fan of King and even gave the novelist a cameo in his 2012 film, Stuck in Love.


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