Kevin Steverson's Salvage Title Acquired by Hideout Pictures

Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Title Acquired by Hideout Pictures

Just two years after hitting shelves, Kevin Steverson’s sci-fi epic novel Salvage Title has been acquired by Average Joes Entertainment’s Hideout Pictures to be developed into a feature film, according to Deadline.

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Published in 2018 and the first in the novel trilogy of the same name, the story follows Harmon Tomeral, an orphan-turned-space academy pilot who faces an uphill battle as he desires to head to space. He and his friend enter in a Top Fleet Marine competition to compete for the grand prize of 100,000 credits, which would just be enough to start their own salvage company, but they two must build a mech worth of competition. With the fleet showing disinterest in Harmon, he must team up with his friends to go against regulations to salvage parts and try to become the best.

The film adaptation is set to be penned by graphic novelist Doug Wagner, well-known for creating the Image Comics’ limited series Plastic, with Hideout Pictures CEO Shannon Houchins attached to produce alongside Trevor O’Neil and Potsy Ponciroli.

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Kevin is a tremendous storyteller and we had been tracking Salvage Title knowing that Doug is the perfect person to adapt the property for the television/film,” Houchins said in a statement.

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Steverson’s work becomes the second novel Hideout has acquired for a feature film adaptation after the production banner landed the rights to the graphic novel series Kill Whitey Donovan last year. Hideout has recently become known for providing financing on a number of projects with big names attached including Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and the Omar Epps and Kate Walsh-starring 3022.


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