Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of July 23


Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of July 23

Welcome back, fellow couch potatoes! It’s the weekend, which means you made it — you survived another week of isolation. Now, it’s time to kick back and watch some movies and/or TV shows! And hopefully you guys find something new to watch, because last week’s lineup was pretty bland according to The Digital Entertainment Group’s latest Watched at Home list.

Case in point: Trolls World Tour was No. 1. Again. Will anything dethrone the hit DreamWorks/Universal animated pic? Honestly, the answer to that is murky as the colorful toon has zero competition over the next few months, which is actually quite depressing. (Not that the film is bad, but when was the last time a film stayed in the public conscious for more than two weeks?) Then again, WB’s animated Scoob! has made the climb to the No. 2 spot. So, at the very least we can play to see the Trolls duke it out with Shaggy and the gang for the time being.

Other newcomers to the list include The High Note from Universal, the fantastic Batman Beyond: Seasons 1-3, the bizarre mobster drama Capone, starring Tom Hardy as the titular crime lord, and the sci-fi drama Archive. The other 14 entries remain the same — Sonic, The Invisible Man, Jumanji, etc.

And, of course, Harry Potter.

1 Trolls World Tour (DreamWorks/Universal)
2 Scoob! (WB)
3 Yellowstone: SSN 1 (Paramount)
4 Yellowstone: SSN 3 (Paramount)
5 Yellowstone: SSN 2 (Paramount)
6 The Outpost (Screen Media Films)
7 Sonic the Hedgehog (Paramount)
8 The Invisible Man (Universal, 2020)
9 Jumanji: The Next Level (Sony)
10 The High Note (Universal)
11 Force of Nature (Lionsgate, 2020)
12 Bad Boys for Life (Sony)
13 Bloodshot (Sony, 2020)
14 Batman Beyond: S 1-3 (WB)
15 Harry Potter (WB, Complete 8-film Coll.)
16 Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn (WB)
17 The Hunt (Universal, 2020)
18 Capone (Lionsgate, 2020)
19 Fantasy Island (Sony, 2020)
20 Archive (Vertical, 2020)