The VelociPastor Sequel In Development


The VelociPastor Sequel In Development

The VelociPastor sequel in development

Last year saw the release of indie horror-comedy The VelociPastor and though it received mixed reviews from critics, it became a viral hit with everything from YouTube to Twitter seeing fans showing support for the film and now The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that a sequel is in development.

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The follow-up to the $35,000-budgeted hit was previously teased by writer/director Brendan Steere shortly after its release and now he’s confirmed that not only is a sequel on the way, but he has envisioned a three-part franchise and that the next film will not be titled The VelociPastor 2.

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The next film, titled Outback Dracula, will be a spiritual successor to the first and will be set in the 1880s Australia and follow a psychic, lesbian schoolteacher as she teams up with the world’s greatest adventurer to find her missing girlfriend and to defeat Dracula and his Golden Army of the Undead. Steere says the film will have “the same insane, anything-goes tone” as its predecessor and that it has managed to “substantially increase” the budget in comparison to the last one and that he has co-written the script with Jesse Gouldsbury, who is producing alongside Steere.

The filmmaker says this budget increase will see the film land in the ballpark of $1.5-2 million, much of which will help go into the production element of the project such as costume department and location scouting, but confirmed that the original cast and creative crew, including stars Gregory James Cohan and Alyssa Kempinski, will all still be involved in both acting and creative producing positions.

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These people are some of my closest friends and collaborators, and I will not take this franchise anywhere without them,” Steere said, while also noting the movie features an armadillo called Fiasco.

Similar to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, Steere has plans for a third and final installment in his currently untitled franchise and that it will also have a $1.5-2 million budget.

Right now, the deals we are negotiating are for two more films in this universe, and indications are that we’re gonna god damn get it,” Steere said. “What will part three be about? Oh, don’t worry — we already have a script, but first thing’s first: we gotta make an Australian LGBTQ+ vampire movie called Outback Dracula.