Tom Holland Explains How Drunk Phone Call With Bob Iger Saved MCU Spider-Man

After a very public break-up between Sony Pictures and Disney that had sent many MCU fans into complete disarray, it was officially announced last September that the two mega studios have finally come to an agreement and signed a new deal that will continue to allow Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man in the MCU. And days after the good news broke out, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed in an interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live! that Holland played a huge role in Sony and Marvel’s new Spider-Man deal.

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In a recent guest appearance on the same show, Holland has finally shared his side of the story, revealing that he was actually drunk during his emotional phone conversation with Iger which was a very instrumental part of Sony and Marvel’s resolution. Check out his full interview in the player below (starting at 9:43 mark)!

Holland explained that he was the first one to reach out for Iger in an email to thank him for “changing my life in the best way.” When Iger replied, he told the Disney CEO that he could call him whenever was possible. However, when the big call finally came, Holland was in a pub with his family and had already drank three beers. Despite being drunk, Holland still had a positive and sincere conversation with Iger which was followed by “a bunch of phone calls back and forth from [Sony CEO] Tom Rothman” asking him “what do you think? [about the situation].”

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Tom Holland will return for the film as the titular wall-crawler, and it remains to be seen what villains he’ll go up against in the trilogy caper. Given the ending of Far From Home, however, any number of his rogues’ gallery are likely eager for a fight. Holland’s Spider-Man is also set to appear in another Marvel Studios film per the new agreement.

The third Spider-Man film from Marvel Studios is set for a July 16, 2021 release, officially adding another addition to the already crowded Phase 4 release slate. The release date puts the film in direct competition with Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 7, which opens on July 23, 2021. Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opens on February 12, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens on May 7 and Thor: Love & Thunder opens on November 5, 2021, making 2021 the first year we get FOUR MCU movies!


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