Face/Off Reboot in Development at Paramount


Face/Off Reboot in Development at Paramount

Face/Off Reboot in Development at Paramount

Deadline reports that Paramount is in the process of rebooting the John Woo action-thriller Face/Off with an all-new cast. Oren Uziel (Sonic the Hedgehog, 22 Jump Street) will pen the script for the new film with Neal Moritz set to produce.

Released in 1997, the original film followed John Travolta as Sean Archer and Nicolas Cage’s Castor Troy, an FBI agent and criminal locked in a heated rivalry resulting in the pair literally swapping faces, with Travolta and Cage playing the parts of both characters technically. Produced on a budget of $80 million in ’97, the film grossed over $245 million worldwide (equivalent to $391.65 million worldwide in 2019).

The original film was written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary and directed by Woo. Who do you think should take on the reversed roles in the new film? Sound off in the comments below!

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