Apple Set to Release The Banker Starring Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson

Apple Set to Release The Banker Starring Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson

The Wrap is reporting that George Nolfi’s The Banker, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Nicholas Hoult and Nia Long, a fact based drama written by Nolfi and Niceole Levy, will be released by Apple on the company’s upcoming Apple TV+. This is the latest film to join the tech giant following the acquisitions of Sundance selections Hala and the Elephant Queen, the animated film Wolfwalkers from Tom Moore, and the Sofia Coppola-directed On the Rocks from A24.

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According to the trade, The Banker is a drama based on the true story of two African American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett (Mackie) and Joe Morris (Jackson), who during the 1950’s tried to circumvent the racial limitations of the era and take on the establishment by recruiting a working class white man, Matt Steiner (Hoult) and training him to pose as the head of their business empire while they posed as a janitor and a chauffeur. Bernard’s wife Eunice (Nia Long), plays a key role in setting up the enterprise. Garrett and Morris become two of the wealthiest and most successful real estate owners in the country with Steiner as their front man, but their success brings about unforeseen risk of exposure that threatens everything.

Jackson and Mackie reunite for the film after appearing in Marvel’s Captain America: Winter SoldierAvengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

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