Castle Freak remake cast

Full Moon and Fangoria’s Castle Freak Remake Cast Announced

The cast of Castle Freak, a remake of the 1995 horror classic (which you can buy here) from Full Moon Studios and Fangoria magazine has been unveiled. The actors onboard include Clair Catherine, Jake Horowitz, Chris Galust, Kika Magalhães, Emily Sweet, Elisha Pratt, and Omar Brunsonvia, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Castle Freak follows the recently-blinded Rebecca, who travels to Albania with her boyfriend and their friends to manage her sudden inheritance of a castle from her long-lost-mother. Nope, not at all suspicious. Once they arrive, they learn that Rebecca’s family harbored dark secrets with potentially cosmic implications. Right on cue, corpses begin to pile up, and Rebecca has to stay one step ahead of the castle, and her family’s history.

Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk are producing for Fangoria along with horror legend Barbara Crampton, Justin Martell, Matt Manjourides and original Castle Freak producer Charles Band. David Gilbery and Charles Dorfman will serve as executive producers for Media Finance Capital, who have fully financed the picture. Adam Donaghey, Phil Nobile Jr, and Danielle Cox are executive producing for Fangoria, alongside Bobby Campbell of Good Wizard.

This is the second pairing of Full Moon and Fangoria, who teamed up last year for Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. Castle Freak is due to start production in Albania sometime next month.

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