Javier Bardem Signs on for Two More Roles


According to various sources, Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem has signed on for roles in what could be two very different high profile films, going head-to-head against Sean Penn in Pierre (Taken) Morel’s The Gunman and then starring in A Most Violent Year, the next movie from J.C. Chandor (Margin Call).

The Gunman is an adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s 1981 noir novel “The Prone Gunman” which stars Sean Penn as Martin Terrier, a hired killer who wants out of the game but his bosses in the Organization won’t let him out. Presumably Bardem will play one of the killers sent after Terrier.

Bardem already won an Oscar for playing a bad guy in the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men but also got a lot of accolades for his role as a Bond villain in last year’s Skyfall.

Not a lot is known about Chandor’s next project or Bardem’s role in it except that Chandor wrote the film’s screenplay and it will shoot in Manhattan this fall with Neal Dodgon and Anna Gerb producing.

(Photo source: Sean Thorton/WENN.com)