Sci-Fi Thriller Stowaway Lands Anna Kendrick for Starring Role

Sci-Fi Thriller Stowaway Lands Anna Kendrick for Starring Role

Anne Kendrick will star in the lead role of the upcoming sci-fi thriller Stowaway, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will follow the crew of a spaceship that, while en route to Mars, discovers a stowaway in their midst.

Kendrick will play the ship’s medical officer, who is the lone dissenter in the crew that has voted to exile him from their craft as resources continue to grow scarce.

While Kendrick was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 2009’s Up In The Air, she’s largely been known for comedies, including the Pitch Perfect trilogy. Stowaway marks another departure for the actor after she starred in director Paul Feig’s thriller A Simple Favor with Blake Lively earlier this year.

The film will be directed by former YouTube star Joe Penna, who penned the script with longtime collaborator Ryan Morrison. The two previously worked together on the survival thriller Arctic, which starred Mads Mikkelsen. The film is slated for a theatrical release in 2019 after screening at the Cannes Film FestivalStowaway is the second collaboration between XYZ and Penna and Morrison, who also produced Arctic.

XYZ Films will be producing Stowaway alongside RISE Pictures and augenschein Filmproduktion.

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