5 Movie-Based Video Games We Need Now


5 Movie-Based Video Games We Need Now

5 movie-based video games we need now

Sometimes you see a place on-screen and you can’t help but want to be there. Sometimes a character is so awesome, you can’t help but want to meet them (or be them). Sometimes a story is so well told, you want to reenact it yourself. Maybe you’d want to see what would happen if things had gone differently. Sometimes you walk out of a theater telling your friend, “Wow, that movie would make the best video game.”

Replicating the spirit of the movie into a video game can be hard, maybe harder than making a movie from a video game. But for fans, when it’s done right, it pays dividends. Video games based on movies allow fans to immerse themselves into universes they’ve fallen in love with.

Some video games can make the movie better by expanding or adding another layer to the film’s setting and characters, like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or GoldenEye. Some video games based on movies miss the mark, like Wizard of Oz and Wreck-It Ralph. Other movies can be so good that no video game could top them.

Here are the top five movies we’d love to see made into video games.

5. Kill Bill

It’s been a while since we had a good sword-fighting game. A video game for Kill Bill was announced even before Kill Bill: Volume I was announced, but the project was eventually canceled. A fighting game based on Kill Bill: Volume I and II could be so well done. The possibility for a story mode is there. Imagine playing as Uma  Thurman’s character, David Carradine’s character, or one of the other Deadly Vipers, going around the world, chasing hits, surviving enemies, and fighting each other. The Crazy 88 would make a great boss (or allies, dending on who you choose). Different swords and outfits offer fun possibilities, too.

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A straight-up fighting mode might work, too, Mortal Kombat-style. With so many characters, fans of the two movies that really want a third could connect to the franchise without the hassle of hiring an all-star cast. Not to mention, David Carradine would be able to make an appearance (if his beneficiaries were cool with it). Actually, it would be a bold choice to imake the video game a sequel instead of another film. Video games can bring back the dead. There are a lot of video games based on movies full of superheroes and other badasses, so who are we to deny this epic tale of revenge another ride?

4.  Ready Player One

We hope video games are this good by 2044. Long story short: we want to live in the OASIS, the MMO based on the video game that’s also the film’s setting. As far as video games based on movies go, this one would allow fans of a book and a movie to play not just a video game, but a video game within a video game. Players put on a visor, virtual reality gloves, and after seeing “Ready Player One” on-screen, are immersed in a new world. OASIS is split into 27 sections that are 10 light years across. It also contains every book ever written, so it’s like the internet, but better. OASIS or any video games based off Ready Player One would rock gamers’ worlds.

3. Midnight in Paris

If The Great Gatsby could make a sick game for the Super Nintendo, we’re curious to see what Midnight in Paris would be like. To be able to travel back and forth to the 1920s and 1890s, suffer moral dilemmas like, “Should I leave the fiancé I don’t get along with for this costume designer?” Or “Hemingway wants to fight. What do I do?” Imagine interacting with iconic artists and writers from the past such as Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker, and Edgar Degas. Imagine seeing how your actions affect the future, yours other someone else’s. What about exploring Paris the way one would a city in Grand Theft Auto? The collision of time and artistry is too downright adventurous to pass on.

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2. The Purge

How is there not a game for this yet? The survival genre is very strong and the franchise is several films deep. There is a lot of potential for dystopic American settings. It’d be like Left 4 Dead, but with people. Players could play strictly as a “purger” or someone on the run from them. What most players will probably find out is that during something as intense as The Purge, there’s a gray area that sometimes has to be entered in order to survive. Perhaps the Purge could end once and for all. There’s potential for serious actions, characters, and conflict with open-ended storylines here.

1. Inception

Finally, a way to remember our dreams. A video game based on Christoper Nolan’s Inception would be nothing short of amazing. Being able to enter your dreams and also be a thief or spy is where the “video game” aspect comes into play. The idea of there being shared dreams in the movie allows for potential online interaction with other players. Perhaps players could design their own dreams in the setting they love with the help of their camera. There’s opportunity here for so many plots within plots and to enter the dream lands of others, something humans have never been capable of. Video games are basically dreams we can control, so this can help bridge the gap in our consciousness.