25 Video Game Movies in Development


25 Video Game Movies In Development

25 video game movies in development

Despite a complicated adaptation process, a potential disconnect with fans of the source material, and some very disappointing numbers at the box office, Hollywood still has a thing for making video games into movies. Though the highest critically-rated video game movies, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and The Angry Birds Movie, sit at just 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, the potential of a built-in audience that can propel you to $100 million heights remains too alluring to pass up.

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There are currently tons of video game movies stuck in development hell, having been the product of a red-hot development deal that never got past the scripting stage (or even the “we’re making a movie!” stage). We’ve decided to forgo including those as the rights have probably lapsed back in the time they’ve been stuck developing and they’re not even in the works anymore. What you’ll find below are video game movies that at least have had traction within the past year or two, or ones that you’ll find playing in theaters within the next eight months.

Which video game movies are you looking forward to the most and which ones would you like to eventually see show up in theaters? Sound off in the comments below!

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