5 Modern Horror Crossover Movies We Want to See


Over the years, Hollywood has produced some great horror franchises: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and many, many more. With so many great franchises, of course people wanted some horror crossovers. They got some: Freddy vs. JasonAlien vs. Predator. Horror crossovers are tricky because franchises are often owned by different studios and aren’t always open to sharing. However, there are some horror villains that may very well see a face-off soon.

5 Modern Horror Crossover Movies We Want to See

1.  Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman

Admittedly, Dark Universe didn’t get off on a great start with last year’s The Mummy, but that doesn’t mean Universal can’t explore its other classic monster properties. Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman are some of the most iconic movie characters of all time. And currently Universal owns rights to all three. None of the three icons have faced off with one another in decades. If Universal gets these characters right, they could have some exciting stories to tell with them.

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2. Annabelle and Valak

The Conjuring film series has become one of the most successful modern horror franchises out there. Unlike other horror series making big bucks, The Conjuring Universe didn’t rely on cheap scares or micro-budgets. Both The Conjuring and Annabelle movies had real stories, real characters, and honorably earned their sequels (and earned James Wan Aquaman). Given that these films are all interconnected anyways, and considering that The Nun just made a lot of money, why not have their most frightening characters meet? Valak and Annabelle are both demons in The Conjuring films who can possess others. Imagine what they could get up to onscreen together.

3. Insidious and Sinister Franchises

Although Sinister 2 didn’t gross enough for a sequel, there do seem to be conversations at Blumhouse for a crossover with Insidious characters. James Blum’s production company produced both franchises and Insidious is still going strong even with its fourth installment. Could those two Blumhouse franchises actually meet? Since they both explore the supernatural and have a virtually overlapping fan base, there’s not much standing in the way.

4. Carnage and Venom

Yes, the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy still has to prove itself. And, let’s be fair here, it deserves it a chance. The trailer looks promising. Tom Hardy’s voice isn’t inaudible. Let’s see where it goes. The 2018 Venom movie stars Riz Ahmed as Riot. If that film is successful, we could potentially see the two iconic Marvel killers face-to-face. Carnage is Venom’s arch nemesis and has lots of name recognition. A Venom versus Carnage movie could potentially be quite an event (as long as Sony doesn’t cramp three additional villains into that film).

5. A Quiet Place and Cloverfield

A Quiet Place was a deserving smash-hit, grossing over 10 times its budget and garnering love from critics and patrons alike. Since both A Quiet Place and Cloverfield are under Paramount, it was actually considered to become a Cloverfield movie at a certain point. They both had monsters in them, so why not? Granted, A Quiet Place benefited a lot from its simplicity and suspense. Making the film a tie-in to another franchise probably would have been a mistake. For its sequel (and it made way too much money not to get a sequel), the doors are open. Anything can happen. If the writers run out of ideas for a sequel, who knows what they’ll decide.