13 of the Most Terrifying Horror Movies on Netflix


13 of the Most Terrifying Horror Movies on Netflix

13 of the Most Terrifying Horror Movies on Netflix

What is it about scaring ourselves silly that is so appealing? Whether you’re in a theater full of fellow terrified moviegoers reacting to every minuscule detail on the big screen or curled up on your couch hiding behind the safety of your favorite blanket, the rich realm of horror truly appeals to any film fan. Here are 13 of some of the most pee-your-pants-inducing films currently streaming on Netflix that are guaranteed to freak everyone in the room out with their remarkable creepiness. What are some of your favorite horror movies on Netflix?

Jaws (1975)

The film that terrified swim-loving audiences and popularized the idea of a summer blockbuster is an absolute must-watch for any film fan. The Steven Spielberg-directed Jaws is the epitome of how suspense should be executed on screen. Roy Scheider’s iconic portrayal of Chief Brody is an added bonus to this brilliant film as you feel every bit of frustration he feels and want to see him succeed in keeping his town safe. Watching the residents of Amity Island be terrorized by an antagonist that is unable to leave the water remains riveting to watch more than 40 years since its release. (Watch here!)

Children of the Corn (1984)

Stephen King horror adaptations have experienced somewhat of a resurgence this year with the incredible success of IT and two other Netflix originals that appear toward the end of this list. Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton of The Terminator fame stumble upon a community run by remarkably creepy children led by the captivating performance of John Franklin as the leader/preacher of the corn children, Isaac. As more revelations about this town are made, you’re left feeling incredibly uncomfortable throughout the film because is anything honestly more terrifying than the thought of children left running amok without adult supervision? Sprinkle in some wacky murder and leadership conflicts and you’re in for an enjoyable watch. (Watch here!)

Saw (2004)

Although the Saw franchise has seen an additional 200 sequels, the original 2004 film directed by The Conjuring‘s James Wan in his directorial debut remains a heart-pumping watch complete with enough twists and turns that are executed brilliantly. Watching Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell agonize over their terrifying ordeal is heartbreaking to watch, however you can’t help but have your eyes glued to the screen. Audiences couldn’t get enough of the seemingly adorable murderous Jigsaw as it managed to gross over $100 million worldwide on a measly $1.2 million budget when it released in 2004. If you haven’t seen Saw in a while, I highly recommend checking it out soon preferably with as much friends as you can gather. (Watch here!)

Silent Hill (2006)

When it comes to solid video game-to-film adaptations, there have certainly been more clunkers than successes. The 2006 adaptation of the popular video game series, Silent Hill is an example of the latter. While it wasn’t a hit with critics, the film is an awesome ride for horror fans and lovers of the iconic game. Silent Hill follows a woman named Rose (Radha Mitchell) who searches for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill. The film was praised for its impressive set design and overall atmosphere with Mitchell giving an exceptional performance as a mother desperately searching for her daughter. (Watch here!)

Zodiac (2007)

Arguably one of the best-executed films of this list, David Fincher’s mystery-thriller masterpiece features A-list talent handling a manhunt for the illusive Zodiac killer. The various atrocities committed by Zodiac is illustrated hauntingly in the film, creating an unsettling feeling throughout its entire lengthily runtime. You have to be in a particular mood while watching Zodiac, because its subject matter is chilling and you will feel the immense frustration felt by every character as they attempt to catch this murderous ghost. (Watch here!)

It Follows (2014)

The 2014 surprise hit It Follows is seemingly the embodiment of Coach Carr’s sage advice, “don’t have sex… because you’ll die.” Maika Monroe leads the film as a young woman who is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter. The film is shot beautifully which makes the nervousness you feel for all these hormone-enraged youths all the more delightful. (Watch here!)

The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook is an example of a film where you either love everything about it or despise it wholeheartedly. While it doesn’t contain the bombastic jump scare moments most commonly associated with your typical horror film, The Babadook chooses to delve into the psyche of its protagonist, Amelia (Essie Davis), and her relationship with her son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman). The film boasts an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes with an overwhelming majority loving director Jennifer Kent’s depiction of a monster plaguing a woman’s consistent internal struggle. (Watch here!)

The Invitation (2015)

Logan Marshall Green, AKA Not Tom Hardy, stars as a man named Will who attends an event that sounds unbelievably horrific itself: going to a dinner hosted by his ex-wife (Tammy Blanchard) and her new husband (Michiel Huisman). While we learn more about the former couple and what the intentions of this dinner are, you wish Will just stayed at home and RSVP’d “no” to the invite. (Watch here!)

Hush (2016)

I cannot gush about Hush enough. The 2016 horror-thriller directed by Mike Flanagan features a young woman named Maddie (Kate Siegel) who is terrorized at her cabin in the woods by a masked assailant… Did I forget to mention that she’s deaf?! The film illustrates how to captivate the audience without the need to resort to cheap jumpscares every other second as you’re placed in Maddie’s shoes as she attempts to figure out some way to overpower the home invader. Your attention is laser-focused on every frame of the film thanks to the impressive directing by Flanagan, a name who seems to be gaining more prestige in the horror genre with his work in Oculus, Ouija: Original of Evil and Gerald’s Game. (Watch here!)

Train to Busan (2016)

Just when you think you’ve gotten enough of the zombie genre, here comes Yeon Sang-ho’s South Korean apocalyptic thriller, Train to Busan. The film’s intriguing take on the zombie flick is a breath of fresh air as it focuses on Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) attempting to survive a zombie outbreak while on a speeding train with a number of terrified passengers and his estranged daughter. Train to Busan satisfies fans looking for an action-packed thriller while making you feel rather unsettled during certain instances. (Watch here!)

Raw (2017)

Raw doesn’t fail to make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. The French-Belgian horror drama follows lifelong vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) as she undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school and an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her. I wouldn’t recommend watching this with the parents and grandparents present, however. When you do watch it in the comfort of your loneliness, there are many instances where you’ll wish you had someone around in order to use their shoulder as a blocking mechanism. (Watch here!)

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Another collaboration between director Mike Flanagan and a complex female lead, Gerald’s Game stars Carla Gugino as a woman who must figure out a way to survive when her husband dies unexpectedly after handcuffing her to their bed frame. The film has been praised by critics for Gugino’s amazing performance and Flanagan’s ability at generating the suspense and intrigue needed to sustain this contained thriller. (Watch here!)

1922 (2017)

Thomas Jane’s portrayal of a Nebraskan farmer who plots the murder of his wife (Molly Parker) with the help of his son (Dylan Schmid) is arguably the greatest performance he’s ever given in a film. The first act is executed spectacularly, with Wilfred’s slow descent into madness being invigorating to watch. Rats play a relatively big role in the film and as someone who can’t stand the freaky rodents, I felt a jolt of terror come over me every time they appeared on screen. (Watch here!)