CS Video: The Stars of 21 Jump Street


Every actor talks about wanting to avoid typecasting by doing something different than what they’re used to doing, and in Sony Pictures’ 21 Jump Street, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum do just that, as Hill takes point on the action part of the “action-comedy” allowing Tatum to explore the comedy side of the equation.

In this modern take on the popular FOX television show from the late ‘80s, the duo play Schmidt and Jenko, high school rivals who become fast friends at the Police Academy when they realize their abilities compliment each other. Even so, they’re pretty incompetent, so they’re demoted to a new undercover program led by the tough Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) where they’re assigned to infiltrate a high school and uncover the head of a drug ring.

ComingSoon.net attended the New York City junket for the movie and spoke with Hill, Tatum, Ice Cube and comedian Rob Riggle.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

We’re running our video interview with Jonah and Channing pretty much as is, as we talk to the duo about how this pairing came together – and Jonah is right, we have talked to him about this movie a lot in the last five years! Jonah also talked about playing with the police buddy action-comedy clichés we’ve seen so many times and Channing talked about doing comedy on this level for the first time and whether he wants to do more comedies.

Ice Cube and Rob Riggle

Next we have highlights from our video interviews with Ice Cube and Rob Riggle, two of the funnier supporting characters in the movie with Cube playing Captain Dickson, the head of the high school undercover program. Oddly enough, Cube was first achieving fame with the gangster rap group N.W.A. at the time the show was on, but we’d like to think when they performed “F*ck Tha Police,” they weren’t talking about those lovable baby-faced cops from “21 Jump Street.”

Riggle has played a cop before, first in Todd Phillips’ The Hangover and then in Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, but this time he plays Mr. Walters, the high school gym team who is keeping a rather disturbing eye on the athletic Jenko for the track team, but instead winds up with the out-of-shape Schmidt.

We asked them about their connection to the original show and how they got involved with the movie and how they wanted to expand on their characters with improvisation as well asking Cube about the N.W.A. song they used for the soundtrack.