Adrien Brody and Christina Hendricks in an Exclusive Detachment Clip


Detachment, the new movie from American History X director Tony Kaye, is a dramatic look at being a teacher in the New York public school system and how it wears down on people trying to make a difference with kids who just don’t care about learning anymore. It stars Adrien Brody as substitute teacher Henry Barthes, trying to navigate a particularly difficult school while also dealing with a dying father and a runaway teen prostitute he takes in.

Tribeca Film has provided with an exclusive clip called “Ever Dread Going Home,” featuring Adrien Brody and Christina Hendricks in which Brody’s character bonds with a fellow teacher who has been through quite a few ordeals while trying to help her students.

You can’t really tell from the short clip, but Kaye’s film is an incredibly powerful and artistic drama that covers similar territory as the French film The Class and Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s Half Nelson with an impressive cast that also includes Marcia Gay Harden, Bryan Cranston, Sami Gayle, William Petersen, Tim Blake Nelson, Lucy Liu, Blythe Danner and James Caan.

Detachment will be available on Movies on Demand, iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly and VUDU starting February 24, and will play in select cities theatrically on March 16. We’re hoping to have interviews with Kaye and Brody sometime before the latter.