The Best Film in 30 Movie Trilogies

The striking critical and commercial success of Logan — currently tallying over $565 million worldwide and counting — has many hailing it as not only the best film in the Wolverine trilogy but the best among ALL THREE of the existing X-Men trilogies (X-Men, First Class, Wolverine). Given that tremendous reaction, we thought we’d look back at some other movie trilogies in all different genres to try and figure out what the best entry in each of them is. Some of the choices might be controversial, but we think you’ll agree on quite a few. Check out The Best Film in 30 Movie Trilogies gallery below!

We tried to avoid movie trilogies with an obvious dip in quality after the first one (Beverly Hills Cop, RoboCop, The Hangover, Friday, etc) or trilogies where there honestly just wasn’t a good movie in the bunch. And, of course, we avoided movie series where there were more than (or less than) three films!

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Do you agree with our movie trilogies choices? Is there another trilogy that was overlooked? Let us know in the comments below!


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