Exclusive CS Video: Freddie Highmore & Emma Roberts


We’ve seen many coming-of-age movies taking place both in high school and in New York City, but none of them are quite like Gavin Wiesen’s The Art of Getting By, which combines the two in a unique way.

It stars Freddie Highmore now all grown-up and playing 18-year-old George, a chronic slacker art student at risk of not graduating high school since he hasn’t turned in enough of his assignments. He meets Sally, played by indie teen dream girl Emma Roberts, a pretty and well-to-do classmate higher up on the social food chain at the school, but she finds him intriguing, and the two of them start spending time together, even as George’s homelife starts falling apart when he learns his stepfather has been unemployed for months.

As much as The Art of Getting By is driven by the chemistry between the two young actors, both of whom have been appearing in movies since they were very young, it does so in such an interesting setting by showing what teens in the upper crust of New York City get up to when they’re not in school.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Highmore and Roberts for this exclusive video interview in which we talked about:

* Why they were interested in doing the movie

* How this was different for Freddie compared to shooting August Rush in New York

* Relating to playing high school students (despite not having gone themselves)

* Why Emma seems to play the “first love” in so many movies

* Being child actors who are finally getting to play their own age

* How Emma’s been doing more indie movies

* Working with Gavin Wiesen

* How being teens in New York is different than London or L.A.

and More!

(Sorry, you may have to crank up the volume a bit because Freddie is fairly soft-spoken compared to Emma.)

The Art of Getting By opens across the country on Friday, July 17. Later this week, we’ll have interview with writer/director Gavin Wieson and their co-star Michael Angarano.

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