Exclusive CS Video: Ashley Greene on Skateland


There have been many movies about the ’80s but few look back at the period with such a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality as Anthony Burns’ Skateland, a film set in a small town in Texas where the local skating rink of the same name is the main hangout for most of the town’s teens.

Shiloh Fernandez’s Ritchie Wheeler has been managing Skateland for years since graduating high school, but he’s yet to find the ambition to do something else with his life. Playing Ritchie’s childhood friend Michelle Burkham is Ashley Greene, the 24-year-old actress best known for playing Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” movies, and she helps push him to try to do more with his writing. Her older brother Brent, played by the film’s co-writer Heath Freeman, is a motocross biker whose return home causes both Ritchie and Michelle to reassess what they want to do with their lives.

In the exclusive video interview below, we spoke with the lovely Ms. Greene about:

* How did she find out about the script and why she was interested in doing the movie
* Where and when the movie was shot
* Whether she felt any connection to the ’80s
* We talk about her first meeting with Anthony and Heath (who plays her brother)
* How much of the movie is based on real things in their lives
* More about her own background and favorite hangouts
* What her reads with Shiloh were like
* We talk about her transition into acting
* How she’s been keeping so busy
* Where they’re at with Breaking Dawn and how Bill Condon compares to David Slade
* The question on many minds: Whether we’ll ever see another Cullen baseball game
* We talk a bit about her horror film The Apparition
… and more!

Skateland opens in select cities on Friday.