Exclusive Flipped Video Interviews


In his latest film, Flipped, director Rob Reiner translates the modern-day novel by Wendelin Van Draanen into the world of the late 50’s / early 60’s, balancing, as he did with Stand By Me, timeless emotions against both positive and negative nostalgic elements. The result is the story of young boy, Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe, a newcomer to Hollywood, but already set for a major role in next year’s I Am Number Four) who has to deal with the unrequited school girl crush of Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll). Told through the dueling narrators of Bryce and Juli, Flipped explores the nature of love, family and the defining moments of youth.

ComingSoon.net talked exclusively with Reiner, Carroll and supporting cast members John Mahoney (Chet Duncan, Bryce’s grandfather), Rebecca De Mornay (Patsy Loski, Bruce’s mother), Penelope Ann Miller (Trina Baker, Juli’s mother) and Cody Horn (Lynetta Loski, Bryce’s sister), talking about the historical setting, Rob Reiner’s infamous on-set swear jar and young Carroll’s unexpected choice for her favorite Reiner film.

Flipped opens in a limited release on August 6th and goes wide to theaters everywhere on August 27th.