Exclusive CS Video: I Am Number Four Director D.J. Caruso


From his early days directing episodes of “The Shield” to some of his lower-profile early films, director D.J. Caruso has earned a reputation as a go-to director who can do a lot with very little, which eventually got him the attention of Steven Spielberg and earned him two prominent gigs, the 2007 thriller Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf, which they followed a few years later with the action-thriller Eagle Eye.

D.J.’s new sci-fi action movie I Am Number Four, produced by Michael Bay, is an adaptation of the recent book by Pittacus Lore (it’s a pseudonym), starring Alex Pettyfer as a young man who learns he’s one of the last nine of an alien race from the planet Lorien. The Loriens have been in conflict with a ruthless warrior-like race called the Mogadorians who are now pursuing and killing the nine survivors one by one. Along with his guardian Henri, played by Tim Olyphant, “John Smith” tries to start a new life in Paradise, Ohio where he falls for a local girl named Sarah, played by Dianna Agron, and gets caught up in a bit of high school politics, problems that seem miniscule when the Mogadorians finally show up.

Caruso paid a visit to New York City to do an event at the Apple Store where ComingSoon.net had a chance to sit down with him for one of our famous FLIP cam interviews… apologies to our viewers for not having a tripod this time around!

Some of the things we talked about include…

* The movie’s sci-fi leanings and how fast it came about
* How he was able to get the movie done in such a short time
* How they developed the look of the Mogadorians
* Whether it’s limiting to adapt a book
* Casting the roles knowing this might be a series
* If he’s read the second book yet
* How they managed to get all the visual FX done in time
* Having Michael Bay as a producer
* The comparisons between his movie and “Twilight”
* Whether he’d be interested in helming a sequel

And More!

I Am Number Four opens nationwide on Friday, February 18. Look for interviews with more of the cast next week.