More Pics from Toy Fair 2009!

Hopefully, you’ve checked out Hype!’s previous coverage of Toy Fair ’09 here and here with pictures of new toys from Hasbro and other big summer movies, but we still have 250+ more pictures to share with you, which you can find and go through in our Toy Fair 2009 Gallery.

A good chunk of the pictures come from the current and upcoming NECA releases. Last year, they introduced Series 1 of the “Gears of Wars” line, based on the popular video game (and now comic book), and amazingly, they’re now up to Series 3 and still going strong. Their new thing is a 12″ action figure for Marcus Fenix which lights up, and they had prototype sculpts on display for the upcoming Series 3, which includes the Locust Grenadier, Colonel Hoffman and Jack. Other video game licenses include “Resident Evil” and the upcoming “Prototype,” for which they have the first toy for the game’s lead character Alex Mercer, as well as an action figure based on Isaac Clarke from the EA Game “Dead Space” arriving soon. NECA was also showing off a bunch of new sculptures for the additions onto their 7″ “Street Fighter 4” line and the upcoming additions to their “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” line, also which began last yaer.

As far as the movies, NECA is also releasing a bunch of retro-figures based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator in T2, and they’re adding a new figure based on “Possessed Regan” from The Exorcist in the summer. NECA created a bunch of great toys for Henry Selick’s recent animated film Coraline, and they’ve also been picked to do characters based on the upcoming Tim Burton produced animated film 9.

Across the aisle at Diamond Select, they were showing off lots of limited edition sculptures they’ll be releasing to comic retailers over the next few months, basically all of the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and Marvel related statues, including a cool double statue of Captain America and the Winter Soldier fighting Hydra agents (they’re $175 EACH!). The limited edition Doc Savage and Sheena statues are from Domo, who also manufactured the Umbrella Academy PVC figures for Dark Horse, based on Gerard Way’s characters. (They come in a really cool carousel-shaped box.)

DC Direct had a lot of new action figures and statues on display including their upcoming Series 6 of the Batman/Superman line and upcoming Ame-Comi versions of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The Justice League and New Gods action figures as well as other DC characters are theirs as well. The array of “Wacky Woblers” are from Funko, who have lots of licenses including Terminator: Salvation, various Marvel characters, “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” Where the Wild Things Are and even the Sleestak from Land of the Lost.

We also took pictures of the usual assortment of USAopoly’s movie and television themed games, including preliminary cover art for their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen version of Monopoly. They also have a “Halo Wars” version of Risk and a “24”-themed version of the game Clue, both which look pretty cool.

The Afro Samurai figures and PVC are from the Japanese company Organic Hobby Inc., and they had a lot of cool figures on display based on anime and manga characters, including many scantily-clad bad girls in racey poses that we couldn’t show you!

While Bandai America‘s biggest thing right now are their toys based on the upcoming movie Dragonball Evolution, they also have a lot of cool toys coming up for the new Saturday morning live action show “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” and the popular cartoon “Ben 10 Alien Force.” Possibly the coolest thing they showed were the Deluxe Formula Megazords that are part of the Power Rangers RPM series, because you can swap parts between them and put together the spring and fall releases to create one big RPM Ultrazord (kind of like the Devastator from Transformers.) We have a full series of pictures of all the toys that Bandai America will be releasing this year.

You can see all the figures and toys mentioned above in our Toy Fair 2009 Gallery.

That’s pretty much it for this year’s Toy Fair, although we do have some more stuff to show and talk about from our Hasbro Collectors’ Event, which we still hope to get up this week.


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