Shoot ‘Em Up : Clive Owen vs. Paul Giamatti

One might think that a gunfight between Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti would be sorely uneven and mismatched, which might be why in Michael Davis’ new action flick, Shoot ‘Em Up, Giamatti’s character has 50 hired assassins on his side for their face-off. In the movie, Owen plays a man who encounters a pregnant woman on the run from a band of assassins led by Giamatti’s character, and after helping her deliver the baby, he has to protect it from being killed by dozens of killers.

Talking to the two actors, it becomes much more obvious how different they are, Owen putting on his normal eloquent charm and Giamatti sort of stumbling through with more wit than grace, although both guys are always fun and entertaining to talk to, as they were during the New York junket for the movie.

In the spirit of the movie, you can choose who to root for by clicking the appropriate link below.

Clive Owen Interview

Paul Giamatti Interview

Shoot ‘Em Up opens nationwide on September 7.


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