Filming Starts on Parker’s The Hills Run Red !


Production has begun on The Hills Run Red, a joint horror venture from Robert (Free Enterprise) Burnett’s Ludovico Technique Productions and Fever Dream Films. What is most notable about this fright feature is that it marks the return of director Dave Parker who has, sadly, long been absent from the genre scene since The Dead Hate the Living.

Over the last few years he’s been involved in a number of projects including the 2002 documentary “Masters of Horror” (not associated with the Showtime series) and, under Ludovico Technique, a few premiere DVD documentaries for blockbusters such as Superman Returns and X2: X-Men United.

Parker’s sophomore effort – which began rolling in Hollywood last night with creature character actor Nick Principe playing the film’s axe-happy killer – harkens back to ’80s body count slasher fare as it follows a group of folks trying to unlock the mysteries of a nefarious can of celluloid entitled “The Hills Run Red” and its director. For help, they enlist the film’s only surviving cast member to take them through its remote backwoods locations.

Genre vet David J. Schow (The Crow, “Masters of Horror”) is serving as Hills’ consulting producer.

Your trusted writer ventured down to the film’s Vine Theater set on Hollywood Blvd. to check out how things were going…and to participate as a “bludgeoned gym coach” for one scene. The blood ran thick throughout the evening and screams of desperation from one female victim reverberated regularly throughout this archaic grindhouse setting. More importantly, the footage Parker was getting looked amazing.

Highlights of the night (in addition to seeing Principe wrench a hatchet out of one of the many “theater” corpses) was spying Superman Returns‘ Bryan Singer and producer Gil Adler (no stranger to horror) check in on Parker’s violent happenings.

We’ll have behind-the-scenes video footage for you when’s horror-hungry news outlet,, launches soon! In the meantime, lap up these photos!