From the Set of Dracula Untold – Part 2


Dracula Untold International Poster

When Dracula Untold arrives in theaters October 17th, it will tell more than just the origin story of the greatest vampire of all time, it will focus on a family and what one man would do to protect his wife and son; it will focus on a wife who watches her husband transform into something sinister; and, it will focus on a childhood relationship that drives one man’s jealousy and anger.

When visited the set of When Dracula Untold in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the fall of 2013, they spoke to the three actors driving the film?s dramatic themes: Luke Evans as Vlad Tepes, Sarah Gadon as his wife Mirena and Dominic Cooper as Mehmet II.

You can check out the highlights of their conversation with this trio by clicking here.

If you missed out on part one of their set report, in which they delve into the origins of the project and take you on a tour of the set and art department, you can still read that here.

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