Guardians of the Galaxy: From the Set of Marvel Studios’ Adaptation


Guardians of the Galaxy: From the Set of the Marvel Studios Adaptation

Last year, SuperHeroHype‘s Spencer Perry traveled to England to visit the Shepperton Studios sound stages where James Gunn was filming Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy, and he got to sit down with Gunn and some of the film’s cast, including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, David Bautista and others involved with the production.

You can read the intro to SuperHeroHype’s set report below and then click on the link on the bottom for the full story:

I'm seated on a bus that is taking me to the far reaches of a distant world, both literally and figuratively. We're on our way to Pinewood Shepperton Studios, which is a good 40-minute drive from downtown London. Not only am I in England for the first time, but I'm about to make a journey that few others will be able to brag about: I'm going to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy, on their own turf to boot.

Taking up no less than three soundstages at the legendary studio, Guardians of the Galaxy is taking Marvel Studios to places it's only dreamed of up until this point. Giant space battles, intergalactic police forces, the severed head of ancient celestial beings, and talking "raccoons" with guns bigger than they are is just scratching the surface of this surreal and outlandish flick. The movie is filming under the title “Full Tilt,” which is printed in a style similar to “Heavy Metal” magazine, and while many people have rightfully compared “Guardians” to "Star Wars," it's just as much Marvel's “Heavy Metal” as it is “A New Hope.”

Unlike Captain America and Iron Man, who at least had some name recognition prior to their feature film debuts, the Guardians of the Galaxy don't have that luxury. The group consists of five characters, all more different and unique than the last, and though they're the protagonists of this movie, they're far from “good guys.” The first trailer for the film introduced audiences to the group, but just like Korath the Pursuer when he meets Star-Lord, the reaction was likely a resounding “Who?” That in mind, we wanted to bring you a bit of a different style of set report for the film and introduce you to the Guardians of the Galaxy as the cast and crew of the film see them.

You can read the rest of the report over at SuperHeroHype.

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