CS Video: Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson on Reasonable Doubt


Hitting theaters in a limited release this Friday, director Peter Howitt’s Reasonable Doubt stars Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson as two very different men tied to the same crime. Cooper plays Mitch Brockden, a young District Attorney who finds himself fleeing the scene of a fatal hit-and-run. When another man, Clinton Davis (Jackson), is accused of the killing, Brockden does what he can to help Davis without giving himself up. What he learns through the process, however, is that the case goes far deeper than he could ever have suspected.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Cooper and Jackson to discuss the project’s many twists and turns (Don’t worry, the conversation stays spoiler-free) and, in the case of Jackson, the very specific art of delivering the title of a film in a line of dialogue. Check out the interview in the player below and catch Reasonable Doubt in theaters and On Demand on January 17.