The Five Best Movie Soundtracks By A Single Artist


single artist soundtracks

The five best movie soundtracks by a single artist is turning up the volume to figure out which single-artist soundtracks stand out most. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

A movie’s soundtrack is essential to the way the viewer interprets the mood or the tone of the film itself. Upbeat music, somber scores, popular hits—each has a different impact on the way the images on screen are interpreted by the moviegoer. As a result, it’s especially impressive when a single artists takes on the task of making a soundtrack all by themselves.

While composers do this sort of thing all the time, it’s worth noting that a musical artist is working with a lot less than a full symphonic orchestra. Some artists even limit themselves to just a couple of instruments and the sound of their voices. From post-grad dramas to sprawling epics to childhood fantasies, these are the absolute best movie soundtracks done by a single artist.