6 Ways The Matrix Hold Ups Today


6 Ways 'The Matrix' Hold Ups Today

6 Ways The Matrix Holds Up Today

ComingSoon is taking a look at some aspects of The Matrix that remain relevant to this day. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

When The Matrix came out it was revolutionary. Right before Y2K, everyone was freaking out about the influx technology and a pending doomsday. Some might view the film as a cautionary tale for human beings or just really relate to the machines’ need for world domination (although we’d be wary of you). Regardless, the film was visceral, ambitious and unique—showing us things we’d didn’t even realize we wanted to see; red pills, blue pills, slow motion and the triumphant return of Laurence Fishburne.

Many people have probably debated the film’s impact on cinema as a whole. If the original film were to have come out today, would it be as impactful? If not, is that just because of the path it would have already paved for itself? Paradoxes aside, here’s a look at some aspects of that film, that if done right (and elevated) in the announced 4th film, will be even more impactful/relevant today.